Sunday, 10 January 2010

sunday the 10th Jan 2009

Hi all
Hope everyone is ok. Well i got weighed today and im now 14stone 4. Im gonna try and get a body pic on my digital camera.
Well ive been trying to introduce exercise in slowly by walking to work and back about 2 miles every day.
Today I have not stopped and still have loads to do. Just boaring housework really.
Ive become addicted to biggest loser and absolutley luuurrrrrrrrrrrrrveeeeeeeeee Jillian Micheals no nonsense attitude.I watched her talking about finiding you INNER WARRIOR on friday so im going to try and find my inner warrior, no im not gonna done a yellow cat suit and jump around with a samurai sword, but apparentley its about finidng what your fears are and facing them, giving it a big arrrghhhhhh grrrr abd going past breaking point in the gym. So for example if my fear was to go to a gym class cos of people looking and facing it.
So I think my fear is trying to find what is making me want to eat so much, what is missing and without eating im dreading all the emtions coming to the surface and finidng what it is. I think a big thing is im quite saddened by the fact ive not amounted to much career wise and i had to quit my degree, when i think about it actually makes me sad and career. so im trying to face this by getting a new job in the field I want and when not in shifts thinking about taking an extra qualification. so ARRRGGGGHHHHHH instead of being upset or moaning about it or covering up with choc and choc im going to do something about it. I do have a 2nd interview for a job i really want in the next couple of weeks.
Ive also decided to push it in the work out area by notching up the working out.
Also i know i need to organise my surroundings so ive been emptying cupboards and draws all day, tidying, cleaning and catching up with washing.
Going to iron things for next day soon, get lunches organised for tommorow and put my freezer on ebay. So here goes aproductive day for me.


  1. Great blog I am happy to follow you as I want to be at goal or as near as damn it for my 50th on August 22nd.Hears wishing us both success.

  2. ha ha what a close date, good luck to u too xxxx